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Fluke 26-III Corrosion Repair

The Fluke 26-III and 79-III models are identical except for the model number.  This model adds some extra features not available on the 77-III (and its identical twin the 23-III), like frequency and capacitance measurement, 4000 counts vs. 3200, RMS … Continue reading

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Fluke 23-III DMM Repair

The first two generations of the popular 70-series Fluke handheld DMMs included the 21 and 23 models, which were the same as the 75 and 77 respectively, except their cases were safety yellow instead of the usual dark gray.  The … Continue reading

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Fluke 77-IV Copper Corrosion

The fourth generation of the classic Fluke 77 shares the same basic design and circuit board as the rest of the 170-series (175, 177, 179).  Apparently a common problem with these circuit boards is the appearance of a white powdery … Continue reading

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Fluke 8060A Repair

[Updated June 2013, see end of article.] [Also see: newer article on IBM 8060A/AA Refurb] The Fluke 8060A is another early-80s vintage handheld DMM.  With a 4½ digit  20,000-count display, RMS-responding AC bandwidth to 100kHz, and direct readout in dB, … Continue reading

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