Greenlee DM200A

A quick look inside a Greenlee DM200A that came across my workbench.  The ODM is Brymen Tech, a Taiwanese manufacturer.  The safety features (input protection) and manufacturing quality far exceeds your average cheap import.

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  1. harvey says:

    Looks like a decent meter, seems to pass the voltage and resistance checks 🙂

    Again another name i havnt heard of, the i.c looks similar to the one found in the vichy vc99 / victor vc99 and similar types.
    Must be a good adc or perhaps the calibration is excellent.

    Looks a whole lot nicer after a bath…. well who dont lol 🙂

    • modemhead says:

      Greenlee is a tool brand popular with sparkies (electricians) here in the States. Many of their models are made by Taiwanese Brymen Technology Corporation, hence the “BTC” on the big ASIC. Brymen-branded gear is really not sold here, but is available in certain models from Greenlee, Amprobe, and Extech. The Brymen-made DMMs I’ve seen are quite a bit better than your average stuff made in the “other” China. (But their website looks like something out of the 90s.)

  2. Will says:

    What is the black think plugged into the COM and V/ohm port with the white wire coming out of it?
    This didn’t come with my DM200A, so I’m assuming it’s a mod or something.

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