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Inside a Multimeter Fuse

Ever wonder what’s inside those expensive multimeter fuses?  This is a Bussmann DMM-B-11A fuse used in many popular late-model DMMs for the 10A current range.  The arc-quenching sand filler and glass fiber-reinforced melamine tube gives it a high rupture capacity … Continue reading

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Fluke 8020A LCD Replacement

Fluke introduced the 8020A in the late 1970s as its first handheld DMM.  These 3½-digit, 2000-count models can still be found on the used market, and can still be very useable, if they’re in working condition.  Unfortunately though, LCD problems … Continue reading

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Beckman Industrial HD110 Multimeter

This 3½-digit 2000 count manual-ranging heavy-duty multimeter is an interesting example of mid-80s technology.  With an impressive safety-yellow thick sturdy o-ring and gasket-sealed case, it looks like it could survive a drop test with the only damages being to the … Continue reading

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Fluke 83 DMM Repair

The Fluke 83 Multimeter is part of the 80-series that was introduced in the very late 80s.  This unit is the lowest model in the line-up and has a basic DC accuracy of 0.3%.  It does not have an RMS … Continue reading

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Fluke 8060A Repair

[Updated June 2013, see end of article.] [Also see: newer article on IBM 8060A/AA Refurb] The Fluke 8060A is another early-80s vintage handheld DMM.  With a 4½ digit  20,000-count display, RMS-responding AC bandwidth to 100kHz, and direct readout in dB, … Continue reading

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