Agilent 977A

The story goes that Fluke’s first adventure into Chinese manufacturing was the Fluke 17/19 models, intended for the Asia-Pacific market.  It’s hard to find good things said about this series.  Indeed they seem to be somewhat rare, supporting the idea that their lifetime was short.

Rarer still is one with a competitor’s branding.  This is an Agilent 977A, which is unmistakably a Fluke 19 with an all-gray case instead of the two-toned gray-front/yellow-rear Fluke livery.  Most interesting…

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  1. Tom says:

    Hey Modemhead! I stumbled across this photo while searching for a spare 87 display… I saw your other photo showing that the 977 uses the Fluke 85 chip, so I fired up my 83-iii and the 977 display looks EXACTLY like an 83/85-iii! Hmm… I wonder if they’re the same part?

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