Fluke 189 Clean-up

No repairs required for this unit, just some clean-up.  The external clean-up has been documented in blog post Dirty Multimeter Clean-up, so most of the photos have been moved there.

Leaky capacitor issue discussion at EEVblog.  There is also a video by Martin Lorton on the topic.

5 Responses to Fluke 189 Clean-up

  1. Pramod Pandey says:

    I need the knob of Fluke 189 as the contacts are miplaced.

  2. Richard Gillego says:

    i lost may Fluke 189 rotary switch contacts… can buy that things tnx..

  3. Dennis Bujan says:

    Do you know where I can gets the battery terminal contacts strips, the whole set, like the ones you place on photograph 17????

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