Fluke 189 Clean-up

No repairs required for this unit, just some clean-up.  The external clean-up has been documented in blog post Dirty Multimeter Clean-up, so most of the photos have been moved there.

Leaky capacitor issue discussion at EEVblog.  There is also a video by Martin Lorton on the topic.

6 Responses to Fluke 189 Clean-up

  1. Pramod Pandey says:

    I need the knob of Fluke 189 as the contacts are miplaced.

  2. Richard Gillego says:

    i lost may Fluke 189 rotary switch contacts… can buy that things tnx..

  3. Dennis Bujan says:

    Do you know where I can gets the battery terminal contacts strips, the whole set, like the ones you place on photograph 17????

  4. Lefebvre says:

    My experience: I just repaired my Fluke 187. I had minor issues with some contacts (screen and power supply).
    It took time till I realised that the rotary switch contacts can easily be lost during operation. Strangely, with one of them lacking, the Fluke seemed to work but could not switch off.
    Thus, be very careful with these switch contacts when opening the device.

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