Fluke 8050A LED Conversion

A common problem with Fluke 8010A, 8012A, and 8050A bench/portable DMMs is the LCD will ‘bleed’ or turn completely dark.  Replacements are hard to come by.  But if some common 7-segment LCD displays are hacked in, you get a meter that can be read in the dark.

I did this project before starting this blog and did not fully photo-document the process.  But you get the idea.

This is not an original idea.  More 8050A LED conversions from around the web:


5 Responses to Fluke 8050A LED Conversion

  1. Sean says:

    Have you ever done a conversion for an 8010a? Do you have any suggestions or ideas?

  2. William Tang says:

    My Fluke 8050A meter head (LCD) is not showing any digits and I believe the meter is perfectly functional. If I can convert the display to LED, it will be great. Is any circuitry involved and if so can you send me that circuitry so that I can do some conversion of my meter to LED display.

    Thanks and regards


  3. Rob says:


    Just wondering: Did you make or buy the power supply in the photos? If the later, which make/model is it? Great work with the display. I have an 8050A and the display is in very good shape. I use it all the time and, though it’s a manual ranging DMM, I still enjoy it. Great performance for such an old design. Thanks for publishing this.

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