Triplett 630 VOM

Triplett 630-APLK classic analog VOM

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  1. harvey says:

    I hadnt noticed this one before, perhaps im blind lol 🙂

    That looks on par with the old avo 8 or similar, i love the wheel of resistors, what an unusual way to do it, very well insulated from each other, very nice 😉

    When you did the 5v test did you gently tap the case with a finger, my old avo 8 allways settles to a slightly higher value, it may be much more accurate than the test shows.

    Smashing vom, ive never seen one like that before, thanks 🙂

    • modemhead says:

      Oh yes, my first bit of test equipment was a Micronta VOM, so tapping on the meter face became a habit. But the taut band movement in this Triplett pretty much eliminates that stickiness from jeweled movements.

      You may have heard of the famous Simpson 260 VOM (pretty much a standard here in the States, like AVO in the UK). The Triplett 630 was a contemporary and a worthy competitor. Easier to use in my mind, but then again I could only afford the Radio Shack stuff at the time.

      • Harvey says:

        Oh yes, i found a site for the Simpson Vom’s, the outward design seems to stay much the same over the years and thats great as you learn one and you know nearly every model 🙂

        The earlier Simpsons i like better, the white printing and overall look just appeals to me 🙂

        This old avo8 mk2 was given to me in a broken state, no glass, glued case (so it was dropped) and the scale just didnt line up in a linear way, after checking every part i found a small moveable bar bolted to the side of the movement, i just had to move it a little lol, after adjustment the linearity came back and all modes had a decent accuracy 🙂

        Im sure you know exactly what i was tampering with, i didnt lol.

  2. LDSisHere says:

    I do not have any real experience with analog meters so what stands out to me is that I do not see a PCB. (I do not count the current shunt.) It is very interesting to look at how it was made.

    I am curious about the purpose, if there is one, of the mirror behind the needle. If someone could take the time to enlighten me I would appreciate it.

  3. PatH says:


    My 630 has a loose switch assembly. Everything turns and nothing seems broken, but I can’t figure out how to get the red button off. Any ideas?

    • modemhead says:

      If you’re referring to the red selector knob on the front, mine just pulls off of a flatted 1/4-inch shaft, with a little spring-metal insert providing the grip. The nut on the shaft looks like it might require some pin pliers, a lens wrench or somesuch to tighten it.

  4. Estudo eletronica e estou em fase do término do curso,e gostaria de poder ter a chance que meu falecido Pai teve,trabalhar com um V-O-M-
    Triplett 630- ou o modelo V-O-M-800 por esta razão solicito informações sobre a compra e forma de pagamento, ou uma doação ( pode ser usado e não precisa estar funcionando,só precisa estar em bom estado,aqui darei o meu jeito, ),me ajudem se puderem,agradeço pela atenção recebida ficando no
    aguardo e segue o meu muito obrigado desta tão conceituada organização.

  5. Ronald Fuest says:

    Very interesting site. I hope it’s still active – most of the posts are about 4 years old.
    To the point: Some of the posts relate to old multimeters. This inspired me to search my basement to find an old Triplett 630-PL that belonged to my father and hasn’t seen the light of day for at least 40 years. With great trepidation I opened it up and found two very corroded batteries (1.5 V and 30 V). The corrosion seems to have spread to other parts of the interior as well. However, the needle swings smoothly and holds steady and the switch turns smoothly as well.
    Voltage readings (AC and DC) are way off . Is this because the resistors have gone bad?
    Is there something I can do to restore it to full function?
    I think I have come to the right place and I hope someone with the experience can help me.
    Many thanks Ron Fuest

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