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Fluke 170-series Kickstand Repair

Does your Fluke 179 have a loose kickstand (tilt stand, tilting bail) that pops out whenever you try to prop it up for use on the workbench?  Blog reader LDSisHere from over at badcaps.net contacted me with this problem, and … Continue reading

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How To Remove the Knob on a Fluke 170-series DMM

Fluke 170-series rotary switch knobs can be removed for cleaning and/or lubrication.  The area under the knob can collect dirt and gunk, which will lead to rough operation and possibly even damage to the end stops.  But it may not … Continue reading

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Fluke 77-IV Copper Corrosion

The fourth generation of the classic Fluke 77 shares the same basic design and circuit board as the rest of the 170-series (175, 177, 179).  Apparently a common problem with these circuit boards is the appearance of a white powdery … Continue reading

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