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Nixie Glow

My first ever digital multimeter was a Heathkit IM-1212.  I built it from a kit when I was a teenager (thanks, Dad.)  A whopping 2½-digit, 200-count unit with 1% ± 1 digit basic DC accuracy.  Barely a step up from … Continue reading

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Fluke 83-III Rotary Switch

It’s a fact that you can repair as many multimeters with a bottle of isopropyl alcohol and some Q-tips (cotton buds), as you can with a soldering iron.  In many cases, malfunctions can be fixed by careful disassembly and cleaning … Continue reading

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Yokogawa 7534-03 Multimeter

Japanese equipment maker Yokogawa made handheld DMMs for HP before HP became Agilent.  This 3200 count 3½ digit Yokogawa-branded model is very similar in appearance to the HP E2378A model.  Unlike the HP, this unit adds a high-impedance ‘ADP’ mode, … Continue reading

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How To Remove the Knob on a Fluke 170-series DMM

Fluke 170-series rotary switch knobs can be removed for cleaning and/or lubrication.  The area under the knob can collect dirt and gunk, which will lead to rough operation and possibly even damage to the end stops.  But it may not … Continue reading

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Fluke 77-IV Copper Corrosion

The fourth generation of the classic Fluke 77 shares the same basic design and circuit board as the rest of the 170-series (175, 177, 179).  Apparently a common problem with these circuit boards is the appearance of a white powdery … Continue reading

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