Reality Check

Just a note to say that Mr. ModemHead has been occupied with some of life’s realities the last few weeks (well, months actually) and hasn’t been able to respond to all your questions and comments.  The real-life situation is still on-going, but I hope to get more time soon to start updating the blog again.  In the meantime, feel free to keep the comments and questions going and remember there’s always active discussions about test equipment at the EEVBlog forums.  As always, thanks for reading and participating here.

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Fixologist and multimeter junkie.
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4 Responses to Reality Check

  1. Harvey (The bodger) says:

    I really appreciate you leaving a comment, but this site is just a hobby and you have far more important things to do, just take care of yourself and try your best to keep stress as low as you can.

  2. Rodney Gray says:

    I really enjoyed your articles as I have a similar addiction for multimeters of the “classic” variety. I am currently trying to mod a Fluke 8050A to use 7-segment LEDs as you have. Thanks for the detailed schematic. I hope your situation improves and try not to let it take from you the hobby that you love. Good luck.

  3. ..oh yeah! You conveniently scurry off to attend to reality *just* when I score my HP 3468A and have so-o-o-o-o-o-o-0 many questions to ask!

    Seriously, your efforts here are stupendous and the layout magnificent ~~ and appreciated. Your past work will have to support the test equipment Jones I have but hurry back because my workbench is filling up fast.

    Exit question: anyone want to take my beloved Tek 7704A off my hands cheap? It would free up a lot of space on the bench.

  4. Staze says:

    How are you doing man? Haven’t posted anything in forever… (going on two years!)

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