No-name vs. branded test leads

Ever wonder whats inside the insulation of your test leads?  This is a cross-section comparison of the wires from a generic no-name set of test leads and a Fluke TL75 set.  The TL75 set comes standard with many Fluke meters and are rated at 10A.  These generics are available for about $5, and carry no ratings at all, other than they’re 33 inches long.

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  1. Richard Milward says:

    Any recommendations for good quality & bandwidth, not-too-expensive ‘scope probes? Thanks.

    • modemhead says:

      Not really my forte, but as far as bang-for-buck you can’t beat the cheap eBay probes. For something a bit more substantial, look at ProbeMaster if you’re in the U.S. I have a pair of their probes; they make decent stuff.

  2. Terry says:

    and that is why I build my own with wire from pomona that I buy from zoro or a company like them the wire that you get from pomona is rated at 5000 volts and 20 amps if you get the good stuff. when life can hang in the balance I buy the best I can buy. I am selfish that way. Not to mention it makes for better readings do to the fact that I am more secure in taking a reading and I also use the same lead wire for my pwr supply leads. I don’t think that I’ll exceed the rating with my 12 v pwr. supply.
    I look at it this way one less thing to worry about, not to mentionyou get 25 ft of red or black SILICONE wire for $25 with ends on a 4 ft lead you get a realy fine set of test leads for about $16 dollars and if I want a set 10ft long you can make them 10 ft. I think it’s a great way to do it. I am never as sure of something someone else did as when I do it my self.

    • modemhead says:

      I am also very cautious about test leads when I’m holding them in my hands and probing hazardous voltages. Cheap or worn-out test leads are a waste of time and possibly dangerous.

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