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Ideal Carbon Footprint

No this is not about green energy or climate change.  It’s about DMM repair, of course.  I found it interesting for two reasons, the fact that a very simple fault almost escaped detection, and that the root cause was, while … Continue reading

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Fluke 80-series Faded LCD Segments

This is probably the single most common problem with older Fluke DMMs such as the 83, 85, 87, and 88 models.  Referred to as “faded digits”, “faded segments” or “fading display”, it happens when the connections between the printed circuit … Continue reading

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Fluke 170-series Kickstand Repair

Does your Fluke 179 have a loose kickstand (tilt stand, tilting bail) that pops out whenever you try to prop it up for use on the workbench?  Blog reader LDSisHere from over at badcaps.net contacted me with this problem, and … Continue reading

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Fluke 87 Fusible Resistor

Properly-designed multimeters that are suitable for professional and trade use have a number of components, usually near their input jacks, that are for the sole purpose of protecting both the user and (secondarily) the multimeter itself from over-voltage and over-current … Continue reading

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Fluke Banana Jack Repair

Ever bought a set of those cheap Chinese-made multimeter probes?  They probably had some little plastic inserts in the banana plugs.  For what reason I’m not sure, maybe to keep the safety shroud around the plug from deforming.  Don’t toss … Continue reading

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Tektronix DMM912 Teardown

Tektronix may be known best for their industry-leading oscilloscopes, but they also sell other test equipment, including a line of handheld multimeters in the 1990s. The model documented here is a DMM912, part of a series of multimeters that included … Continue reading

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