Fluke 70-series Knob Removal

F70knobHappy New Year 2014!  Doing some housekeeping and software updates, found this information was buried in the photo galleries.

Here’s how to remove the knob on a Fluke 70-series DMM (the older, rectangular-style meters.) This includes the original and series II models 75, 76, 77, 79, 21, 23, 29, and similar.

To re-install the knob, place the pointer in the VAC position to avoid damaging the tiny plastic end stops.  Push down on the knob, applying even pressure until it snaps back into place.

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9 Responses to Fluke 70-series Knob Removal

  1. Harvey says:

    I hope you have a happy and stress free 2014, and more wheelbarrow fillers :-)

  2. Igor says:

    Found one of the stops already broken on a Fluke 73. How would you fix it?

  3. Salvatore Arena says:

    Good morning, my name is Salvatore, I write from Italy.
    I need the knob of the fluke 77 multimeter.
    You can send a single knob?

  4. Tiaan says:

    Thank you for your invaluable tips and information! Your pictures are works of art! By following your instructions I was able to re-lube my old Fluke 77 selector switch and I also managed to re-calibrate it back to its former glory. I made a short(ish) video of the process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ptPe_AeZiQ

    • modemhead says:

      Thumbs up on the video. It’s like you know all my little tricks. Take care of the 77, and I bet it will give you another 25 years of service.

  5. Ahmad says:

    Hello sir
    Where can I find a Fluke 70 knob

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