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How to perform repair and maintenance procedures

Fluke Banana Jack Repair

Ever bought a set of those cheap Chinese-made multimeter probes?  They probably had some little plastic inserts in the banana plugs.  For what reason I’m not sure, maybe to keep the safety shroud around the plug from deforming.  Don’t toss … Continue reading

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HP 3468A Battery Replacement

The HP 3468A multimeter repaired in the last post uses something called “closed-case” or software calibration.  Instead of making physical adjustments to controls inside, calibration involves applying known reference levels and having the meter store calibration constants.  These are essentially … Continue reading

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Fluke 83-III Rotary Switch

It’s a fact that you can repair as many multimeters with a bottle of isopropyl alcohol and some Q-tips (cotton buds), as you can with a soldering iron.  In many cases, malfunctions can be fixed by careful disassembly and cleaning … Continue reading

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How To Remove the Knob on a Fluke 170-series DMM

Fluke 170-series rotary switch knobs can be removed for cleaning and/or lubrication.  The area under the knob can collect dirt and gunk, which will lead to rough operation and possibly even damage to the end stops.  But it may not … Continue reading

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